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I’m just gonna leave for a while ok

art is difficult and i need to work on it so much, so much, i need so much work

i finished my work today and wasted an hour and a half drawing a really gaudy and awful image of fucking sonic

i’m exhausted and frustrated with myself for a lot of reasons but there’s nothing else i can do but go to sleep and try again tomorrow and try not to beat myself up cuz god knows that won’t help

ok i’m going to bed i have a big day* tomorrow


You guys are too sweet~ Here’s a little bonus sketch I painted. For all the lovin’ you gave Kurma. And big up to the Tumblr crew for the radar spotlight!

you cannot, you cannot claim to be body positive if you’re being derogatory and hateful to any body type

one of my biggest pet peeves is people assuming and perpetuating the idea that skinny women are suffering from eating disorders (or intentionally starving themselves) simply because of their body type

that’s not body positive, that’s exactly the opposite, you’re helping nobody with that thought process

1. Without the wii I have no more smash bros and will have none forever 2. Buy me things

wash dad’s truck and tell him to buy you a Wii U

or get Smash for the 3DS ya dingus

also buy me things

Spencer wants everyone to know that he is still having at least one Regular Mountain Dew a day

Anonymous asked: Dear BEST SISTER IN THE WORLD

dear tumblr user aquawolfkitten

I’m super psyched to come home next month. Spencer’s excited to meet you too but he smells so just ignore him. Don’t let him convince you to give us the Wii — unless you want to sell it to him. But don’t do it anyway. I’m excited to sit around with you because I haven’t done that in 40 years, probably

Buy me things





Thankyoucorndog has hurt my feelings

where did you even find all these sonics

I bought it as a comic pack thingy like maybe a year ago

you need one really big one to top em all off

Anonymous asked: Dear All of the dogs in the world,

Dear All of the dogs in the world,

I love you and I love when you run towards me on the beach.


icyu81 replied to your post: “Dear boyfriend”:

Fuck, he drinks Diet Mtn Dew? How can you live with him?


Thankyoucorndog has hurt my feelings

where did you even find all these sonics